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Peace and joy being your inherent possession, why go out of yourself in pursuit of them? Being the light yourself, why do you grope in darkness longing for an outer changing ray, why deny your own everlasting radiance? Know that you are the Soul of the very universe - the eternal light, peace and joy. Realise your light and illuminate all. Realise your peace and shower tranquillity on all. Say, ‘I am the all-blissful Spirit’ and shed your joy on all. Assert your Divine nature and liberate thousands and millions from the fetters of bondage. Be God and lead others to God.
-Swami Ramdas
Anandashram was founded by Swami Ramdas, endearingly called Beloved Papa, at Kanhangad, South India in 1931. "The ideal which the Ashram holds before it is Universal Love and Service based upon a vision of divinity in all beings and creatures of the world. Here every man, woman or child, to whatever denomination, creed or caste the person may belong, shall have free access."
Papa Swami Ramdas is the Founder Saint of Anandashram. His blessed life and teachings are a beacon to mankind. Mother Krishnabai, endearingly called Pujya Mataji was his foremost disciple, and Swami Satchidanandaji, who served them both, are the Successor Saints who have later guided Ashram, fulfilling its stated vision and mission.
Spiritual progress means evolution both in the internal and external life of a Sadhaka. In other words, ‘the inner beauty must reveal itself in the outer conduct’. The Sadhana followed in the Ashram consists of chanting of God’s name to remember Him (Nama), feeling the presence of God within (Dhyana) and translating these into a work-a-day life (Seva). Ram Nam (‘Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’) is the name of God chanted in Anandashram.
The Ashram’s philosophy is based on the Founder Master’s vision: ‘The individual is the universal. Expansion of the individual into the universal is possible only when God-thought rules your mind, God-love fills your heart, God’s will governs your actions’. He also reiterates: ‘Expand your vision so that it can embrace all fellow-beings and link them to yourself by Love. Love is God’.


Anandashram is only based in Kanhangad, Kerala and does not have any branches in India or abroad.

Following the legacies of our founding Masters, Anandashram does not:

  1. involve in any commercial activity, or
  2. mobilise funds for any purpose.

Anandashram is purely run on voluntary donations received from devotees.




Anandashram P.O., Kanhangad 671531

Dist. Kasaragod, Kerala, India.

Tel: (0467) 2203036/ 2209477