On Aspirants

There are many a struggling aspirant still in the clutches of certain Sadhanas, depending on externals and hugging them with dogged pertinacity, thus setting up a stumbling block in their progress towards the supreme goal of perfect liberation. The external vision, however glorious, is not the true vision, if it is not based upon the internal. This they do not know - sometimes do not want to understand. The supreme Truth, by the realization of which alone the soul attains the real peace and bliss - which is the sole object of its quest - can be reached only by throwing up all external crutches and aids of every kind - however useful and necessary they might have been at one time.

Behold God within you and then behold Him everywhere, as all the manifested worlds. Don't adhere to the lower planes and seek satisfaction there. Soar up into the regions of your transcendent Being. Aspire - aspire –aspire - until the highest goal is reached.

Be witness of your own struggle. Look upon it calmly, cheerfully and fearlessly.

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