Anandashram came into existence in the year 1931 with Param Pujya Papa Swami Ramdas as its founder saint ably assisted by Param Pujya Mataji Krishnabai. Param Pujya Swami Satchidanandaji, after their Samadhi, followed their footsteps. The invisible guidance of these saints still remain as the bedrock of Ashram's activities. Saints are ever conscious of an immortal and all-blissful state of existence and their sublime transcendence, from the lower plane to the consciousness of an eternal life, is revealed in their teachings which ever harp upon the one theme of Immortality, God or Truth. They hold that life is eternal and that every soul is essentially Divine. Their equal vision, having demolished all the limitations set by the lower mind, ever seeks union and oneness with the imperishable and omnipresent Spirit inherent in all the varied expressions of life. They radiate the glow of spiritual splendour even after shedding their mortal coil.

Saints are beacons. Saints show the path. They hearten you in your struggle. Their words should carry absolute weight with you. They can awaken and enthuse you. But you have to advance on the path by your own growing inner power and will.

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