On Sadhana

Give up doubts and churning of the intellect.  Feel you are a simple child of the Lord and thus enter into His being.  This is the easy way to reach Him.  Do not perplex the mind with questions.  Be humble, pure and cheerful, taking refuge in Him.  Follow the straight and simple path of devotion.  Open the flood-gates of your heart and allow Prem, pure love, that is in you to flow over unimpeded to the holy feet of the Lord seated within.  Remember that God's grace is ever with you.  Benefit by its redeeming influence, by opening yourself to receive it and becoming aware of the Amrita Vrishti--shower of nectar. Some churning of the mind or intellect may be there.  But after some time, this process should stop so that the butter of Divine Bliss may be formed and collected.  After the impurities are eliminated, pure and divine emotions rise up.  Even this stage is passed when the infinite silence of the inner peace is experienced.  Here the rippling and dancing river mingles with the calm waters of the ocean.  That is the end of all Sadhana.

The end and aim of all spiritual Sadhanas is to merge your individuality in the great universal Reality beyond name, form and movement.

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