On Divine – Personal / Impersonal

Until the aspirant of immortality goes beyond name and form to the height of the impersonal God that dwells within him, until he tunes his mind and life to the Divine symphony or movement thrilling through the cosmos, until he is freed from all limitations of thought, time and circumstance, until he beholds the entire universe as the veritable expression of his own infinite Self, he cannot realise and experience the comprehensive glory and the all-absorbing splendour of the greatest Truth - God. In the relationship of the devotee with God as a personal ideal, the communion yields to him a rare sweetness and joy. But this sweetness is not unalloyed, for it is invariably accompanied by severe pangs of separation from his eternal Beloved. This is the inevitable result of the devotee's looking upon God only as an adorable person. Some devotees of this type would willingly undergo excruciating pains of separation as a price for the occasional glimpses of sweet communion with Him. If they are told to transcend the sense of duality and realize their oneness with Him in His impersonal aspect, they resolutely discard the advice. They say they find as much delight in the absence of their adored One as they do feel when they are in intimate contact with Him. But the agony through which they pass when, in spite of their insistent cries and appeals, they do not behold their Beloved, they confess, is simply unbearable.

The personal is He. The impersonal is He. As personal He is with name and form. The entire, universe is He in the personal aspect. In the impersonal, He is without name and form, without attributes, beyond the range of intellect to understand, beyond words to describe.

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