On Sannyas

Mere external renunciation is of no avail... To assume Sannyas in the hope that by taking merely that step you would realise God, is perfectly wrong...... Sannyas is not a thing to be received from, or given to, anybody. It is a dedication of our entire being to the Lord and His service. It is a spontaneous wave of aspiration rising from within our own heart. So receiving initiation from any external Guru can make the disciple only an apparent Sannyasi, struggling through tedious and painful courses of Sadhana undertaken because of the established rules and regulations, observed all through with the growing ego-sense at the base of it.

True renunciation is internal. Renounce the ego-sense which makes you see diversities and subjects you to the sway of Dwandwas, i.e. likes and dislikes, good and evil, pleasure and pain, etc.

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