On Inward Journey

When we recede into the depths of silence within us we arrive at the true basis of our life. The disciples can look within and get guidance only if they stop looking upon somebody outside for guidance. What is needed is that you should turn your mind within, and the best thing for that is remain where you are and practice the disciplines prompted from within and finally get divine illumination.

In this hall there are four walls. It is not the walls we are making use of, but the empty space within them. In a vessel, which is the most useful portion? The empty space within it. So, if you empty yourself completely, you create something like a vacuum within yourself. Then you are really full; you are most useful.

You must go within yourself and realize the Atman. Atman is the support of the entire universe. When you become aware of it, you are free. Ram Nam is repeated so that you can realise Ram, your Atman. So when you tune your mind with Ram, you tune your mind with the Atman, your immortal Self.

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