Virtual Tour Of Anandashram

  • Arch

    Visitors to the Ashram are welcomed by a tall arch with Ram Mantra inscribed on it. The path from here leads to the main gate of the Ashram.

  • Reception

    As one enters the gate, to the right is the Reception office to greet visiting devotees, record their names and allot accommodation

  • Flag Post

    A few meters forward from the gate there stands the flag post with Ashram insignia and the Ram Nam printed on it. On special days a new flag is hoisted amidst chanting of Ram Nam.

  • Information Centre

    To the right of the flag post is the Information Centre where all new visitors are shown a video giving a general idea about the Ashram and its activities.

  • Bookstall

    Facing information Centre, there is the Bookstall where all the books published by the Ashram are available.

  • Panchavati

    Further forward from the flag post, one comes to the Panchavati. The name signifies five trees, planted by Beloved Papa in 1931. Here Papa used to conduct Satsang in the mornings and evenings.

  • Bhajan Hall

    A few more steps upward from here, one is in front of the Ashram Bhajan Hall. A life-size painting of Beloved Papa, Pujya Mataji and Pujya Swamiji greets as one enters the Bhajan Hall. On the walls inside, pictures of several saints and sages, including Buddha, Christ, Zoroaster, Sree Ramakrishna, Guru Nanak are displayed, emphasizing Ashram’s reverence to all Masters alike.

  • Shrine

    Inside the Bhajan Hall, one finds the Shrine, the sanctum sanctorum. This small room was the Anandashram started by Beloved Papa in 1931. It was here that Papa and Mataji lived with a handful of devotees in those early days of the Ashram; it was the launch pad for their unique mission of Universal Love and Service. This room later became the shrine. The relics of Papa are preserved in a silver box, placed over a marble platform in the shrine, packed with the holy ashes of Beloved Papa, Pujya Mataji, Pujya Swamiji and several books containing Ram Nam written by devotees. To the right of the silver box, marble replicas of Beloved Papa’s and Pujya Mataji’s holy feet are embedded and to the left are those of Pujya Swamiji. Pictures of Papa, Mataji and Swamiji are placed on the wall above the platform. The walls of this room are adorned with pictures of Gurudev (Papa’s father and Guru), Papa at the age of 17, as well as images of the parents of Papa and Mataji.

  • Mother Krishnabai Centenary Hall

    To the right of the Bhajan Hall is the Centenary Hall. Coinciding with the 100th birthday of Pujya Mataji, a new spacious hall was constructed and christened as Mother Krishnabai Centenary Hall, on the 25th September 2003. This hall is used as ‘Mauna Mandir’ for meditation purposes except during the afternoons when Satsang is held here from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

  • Inside Mouna Mandir

  • Samadhi Mandirs

    Situated to the left of the main gate, there are three Samadhi Mandirs in the Ashram - of Papa Swami Ramdas, Mataji Krishnabai and Swami Satchidanandaji. The Samadhi Mandirs are uniform in design – tiled roofed structure, large twin doors on all the four sides and eight windows. The Ram Mantra OM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM, in the style written by Beloved Papa, Pujya Mataji and Pujya Swamiji, is engraved on wooden panels above the windows. The ceilings are artistically decorated with carved and painted Ram Nam. A portrait in standing pose of Papa, Mataji and Swamiji adorns the wall in the respective Samadhis.

  • Goshala

    The Ashram has a Goshala (Cow Shed), in the south-east corner of the campus, with over 50 heads of cattle and the milk yield is passed on to the Ashram Bhojan Shala (Canteen) which feeds the devotees and also the poor and hungry who happen to come to the Ashram.

  • Library

    A well-equipped library in the Ashram provides an opportunity to visiting devotees to gain spiritual knowledge through well over five thousand spiritual and religious books in different languages.

  • Ram Nam Bank

    Right next to the Library is the Ram Nam Bank, containing Likhita Japa note-books sent by devotees from all over the world. Ram Nam Likhit Japa was started with a target of 25 crores, with a view to make a symbolic presentation of the Likhit Japa note-books to Pujya Mataji on 29th September 1955, on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of her renunciation. The total Likhit Japa is now well over 100 crores.