On God

“Be conscious always that the God that you pray to is within you and everywhere about you.  His protection and grace are there ever for you.  Be always aware that He is guiding you from within.” “The personal is He.  The impersonal is He.  As personal He is with name and form.  The entire, universe is He in the personal aspect.  In the impersonal, He is without name and form, without attributes, beyond the range of intellect to understand, beyond words to describe.  In the personal aspect, He is love, light, knowledge, power, peace, bliss, purity.  The Nirguna (impersonal) stands for peace, while the Saguna (personal) for Anand."

“In the entire universe, He pervades as Shakti – the universe itself being His form.  He is most manifest in man.  Mahatmas and Bhaktas are He in full manifestation.  Service of them results in the realization of Sri Ram in His personal aspect, i.e., as Love.  Sri Ram is ever seated in the hearts of us all and we are all His forms.  Saguna, Nirguna – everything is He.  No sacrifice is too great to attain this supreme realization – this Darshan of oneness in many v this height of inexpressible peace and bliss.”

God-perception or God-experience is the highest acquisition of human life. God is in our very breath. Our eyes behold God everywhere. Our nose smells Him. Our tongue tastes Him. Our ears hear Him and hands touch Him. He lives in our thoughts and feelings and acts. So, every moment we dwell in His all-pervading presence, nay, each one of us is a veritable embodiment of Divinity. There is nothing but He. Without Him, nothing can exist, as with Him everything does.

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