On Guru

“There is no higher deity than Guru.  Guru is the Lord of the universe – the supreme ultimate Reality – the sole master of your being and all existence.  Guru is Sri Ram.”

You must look upon everybody as your Guru. When you lay aside your ego and see, you find everywhere your Guru. As a matter of fact, Guru is Nirguna. As the mind cannot grasp the Nirguna, He manifests Himself in form. Your goal is to realize the Self or Atman. Atman is the NirgunaSwarup of the Guru.

'Guru' means dispeller of darkness of ignorance; that is, he is the bringer of light of knowledge into your heart so that you may realize that you are the Atman or Brahman.

Guru is he whose life has mingled with God’s life, who is intoxicated with the bliss of the eternal and whose heart is overflowing with compassion and love for all creatures and beings in the world.

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