Nama ( Chanting Of The Divine Name )

The Name is the link between the devotee and God. It brings the devotee face to face with Him. The object of repeating the Name is to purify the mind and thereby get the awareness of Him within us. Among the various spiritual disciplines, chanting of God’s name with love and devotion is relatively easy inasmuch as there are no restrictions whatsoever as to the time and place for chanting. 'Nama' stands for chanting His Name with total faith and devotion for constant remembrance of Him. It is not the mere uttering of His name. A constant and persevering effort has to be made to dwell on His attributes – such as Absolute LOVE – while chanting, to ensure that it does not become mechanical. One must be able to know clearly that the purpose of chanting is to remember Him constantly. And remembrance must develop into an intoxication with God. The intoxication in turn must develop into God-consciousness, so much so that one is aware of the Divine presence at all times.

When we tune ourselves with the Name, we tune ourselves with God.

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