On Satsang

Satsang or association with a saint is indeed valuable.  But it must be of the right kind.  Internal contact must be established.  Otherwise there is danger of the aspirant's mind getting externalized and remaining attached to the physical person of the saint, missing the impersonal Truth which the saint embodies.  Without reaching the depths of the inner Reality represented by the saint, one cannot reap the full benefits of Satsang.  One must take care not to fall into the error of thinking that a saint's grace can be won by adoring merely his body and serving him without looking upon all beings as his expressions and serving them with an equal vision.  There is nothing more dangerous to an aspirant than a narrow, personal attitude.  His progress depends on the extent to which he is able to expand his heart and universalize his outlook.

Indeed, there is no means greater than Satsang to keep awake the divine consciousness within us. Satsang we get, in consequence of the purification of the mind.

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