• Sadhaka & Sadhana (Malayalam)

    Beloved Papa Swami Ramdas, the founder saint of Anandashram, based on his own experience and in his own inimitable ways provides certain guidelines on some important aspects of Sadhana through many of his writings. The essence of these inspiring hints are culled out and brought out in this small booklet.

    The theme of Swami Ramdas’ first book, IN QUEST OF GOD, is the dawn of his new life and its unfoldment during the first year of the great change that came over him. He was wandering from place to place all over India in a state of complete surrender to God. He had no thought of the body; he had no thought of food; he did not know where to rest. His one thought only was God. His tongue was continuously chanting God's name, his mind was in a state of absorption in the Divine. He was not feeling that he was separate from the Divine. The world, for the time being, disappeared from his mind. In this state he wandered all over India and God, in a mysterious way, looked after him. Available in English, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and also in Italian. Free e-books also available in English, Hindi, Russuan Serbian and Spanish

    This book captures the heart-pourings of Swami Ramdas during the early years of his itinerancy as a God-intoxicated Sadhu, who saw only his Lord of the Universe in everyone and everything. Here, he also gives some guidelines to be observed by a Sadhaka on the path of God-realisation. Free e-books also available in English.

    In continuation to the book IN QUEST OF GOD, he wrote this book, recording his itinerancy throughout the country as a God-realised Sadhu. He experienced that he was living and moving in a new world in which he felt that there was none other than himself and his Great Master, his all in all. In this wonderful vision of inexpressible ecstasy and peace he struggled to dwell always. Even intellect and emotion seemed to have ceased to function. Truly, God by His power had eradicated from his heart the false, self-asserting ego, and was working Himself in its place – the one great power who causes both the internal and external movements in this world of phenomena. The narrative ends with the founding of Anandashram in 1931. Free e-books also available in English and Russian.

    This book is the outcome of Swami Ramdas’ world tour in 1954. In this tour, he experienced the world as a revelation of God, as the global expression of the Divine. Humanity is the heart of this world in which we live and move. The physical proximity, leading to the spiritual communion and fusion with all beings on the globe, was the foremost significant feature of this tour. The title of this book stands for the essentially-to-be reached milestone in the march of humanity towards the goal of world-union, goodwill and harmony.

    Swami Ramdas’ commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita unravelling the evolutionary process of the human soul towards the Divine. Available in English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi.

    Picks up the thread of narrative of Swami Ramdas’ travels from In the Vision of God and covers his travels in India in 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1949, each tour undertaken in response to the call of the devotees. Available in English, Hindi and Telugu.

    By Chandrasekhar, covering the pre-monastic life of Swami Ramdas and narrating the fast-moving sequence of events that led to the snapping of all his earthly ties and the emergence of God-intoxicated Ramdas. Available in English.

    A series of five volumes covering Swami Ramdas; talks and discourses during his world tour of 1954, recorded by Swami Satchidananda. Available in English Kannada and Telugu.

    Covers Swami Ramdas’ talks with devotees during his all-India tour in 1951 and 1952. Available in English, Kannada and Telugu.